Mission + Policies

Mission Statement

Lone Star on a Lark is a personal blog. Content is mostly bookish, but other topics may include travel, science, home/garden, cooking, crafts, and other personal interests. This place exists to foster conversations about all of those things, and – in some cases – to serve as a resource for readers who are looking for information or ideas.

Book Reviews
  1. Reviews will always include my honest opinions
  2. I am open to pitches from authors and publishers, but will not necessarily agree to either read or review unsolicited items
  3. Books in the following categories are more likely to get my attention ā€”
    • SFF, especially fantasy
    • YA
    • Fiction, especially historical or classics/classic retellings
    • Nonfiction on the topics of science, history, or food/health
    • Texas authors or themes
  4. Books in the following categories are less likely to get my attention ā€”
    • Children’s, though middle grade is sometimes acceptable
    • Romance, especially of the very explicit variety
    • Nonfiction on the topics of self-help, politics, and spirituality
    • Self-published, with rare exceptions
Content, By and For Others
  1. I am happy to do guest posts, interviews, articles, etc., though the topic and $ depend on your publication
  2. Guest posts, etc., may also be hosted here at LSoaL, and I am open to suggestions but do not always have time/energy to handle this; all guest posts are subject to minor editing to fit the style/tone of this blog
  3. This is an ad-free space, and that includes sponsored posts
  4. I do not participate in blog awards, memes, etc.
Comments and Social Media
  1. Feel free to express your honest opinion, but please be civil about it
  2. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated ā€” comments may be deleted, other forms of contact may be blocked, and threats or similar inappropriate behavior will be reported to The Powers That Be, if applicable
  3. I welcome interactions on other platforms, but make no promises to “follow back” or participate in unsolicited events/conversations

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