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Next Year’s Lemons

March 30, 2014 Garden, Home Sweet Home 0

Our lemon tree is already hard at work getting ready for next winter’s harvest….

Lemons_2014_1 Lemons_2014_2

The backyard smells incredible. It’s almost a little too strong, like a woman wearing just a tad too much of an otherwise nice perfume. Thought I ought to get some good snaps early this morning before the wasps start showing up.

Lemons_2014_3 Lemons_2014_4

It just occurred to me that I never posted about our lemon harvest this past winter! We didn’t even get an “official” count. I guesstimated that we pulled about 300 fruits from the tree in January.  I wonder how many we’ll pull next year?


January 1, 2012 Garden, Home Sweet Home 0

It’s that time of year again.


Time for lemons!


I never knew, until we moved down here to the coast, that citrus fruits ripened in the winter.


We didn’t even realize that we had a lemon tree in the back yard until Christmas last year. My mother was the one who noticed that those yellow things hanging from the branches weren’t just odd leaves — they were fruit.

(In our defense, the lemon tree is on the opposite side of the back yard from our rear windows, and we hardly ever go out there anyway.)


The tree has really outdone itself this year. I don’t know if it was the drought or the heat or what, but the thing is practically dripping with lemons.


I made some honey-lemon chicken with the first ripe fruit. An approximation of the recipe I used can be found at Closet Cooking, but I’ve been doing this dish my own way for a few years now. I roasted it with carrots this time, too. Perhaps I ought to eventually write my own recipe down and share it here.