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About Louise

Lone Star on a Lark is my mostly-bookish personal blog. I’m a librarian and an ex-biologist from the best/worst state in the USA (love it or hate it, it’s home).

Even though I’m originally from West Texas, I currently live with my little family on the Texas Gulf Coast. I work in the technical services department (back-of-house) at a science-focused academic library. I have also been a department head, teen services librarian, and various forms of assistant at other public and academic libraries, as well as a volunteer at the local science museum (and a “sandwich artist” at one point, but we don’t talk about that).

Books, science, and this place I call home take up most of the real estate in my heart.

When I’m not working, I’m probably reading, researching family history, and spending time with my boys. Sometimes I can be found cooking, sewing or knitting, sketching or painting with watercolors, writing, or watching movies. I have also been known to play video games, write grouchy letters to my local representatives, spend too much money on lipstick and facial masks, unsuccessfully-yet-optimistically attempt to keep the garden alive, and dress up as a pirate from time to time.

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About the other poor souls who share Louise’s world

My better half is Gary, another ex-biologist who currently spends most of his time working in the collections department at the local science museum. In his free time, he collects shells, builds elaborate LEGO contraptions, plays video games, and occasionally reads. We’re two geeky peas in a pod.


Sneakers is our sweet little mutt — probably a Chiweenie mix, but there’s really no telling. He’s not too bright, but he’s great for cuddles and he generally tries to be A Good Boy. He’s been with us since the summer of 2007.


Oliver (the fluffy orange one) and Bentley (the slinky gray one) joined our family in September of 2016. They’re quite the pair! Oliver is a goofy little rebel who likes to break all the rules and have marathon cuddling sessions. Bentley is a talented little bug hunter and he likes to pretend to be more independent, but really he’s a champion cuddler as well.

In memoriam

We said goodbye to our dear cat Curiosity in January of 2016. He’d been with us since Christmas, 2005. He was kind of an asshole sometimes, but he brought an incredible amount of joy into our lives and we miss our oversized boy every day.