Blog Ahead Challenge

Blog Ahead Challenge

I’ve decided to join the “Blog Ahead Challenge” hosted by the Herding Cats & Burning Soup + Caffeinated Book Reviewer blogs. Hit that cute logo up there for the official event post.

The goal: 31 posts written and scheduled by October 31.

Curious about my reasons for joining up? Read this….

Here’s where I’ll be keeping track of my posts as I finish them:

  1. Discussion: Books are not sacred objects
  2. Discussion: The most wonderful time of the year
  3. Discussion: Fickle attention span
  4. Discussion: Home town authors
  5. Discussion: Home town books
  6. Discussion: Reevaluating my reading, Author origins
  7. Discussion Reevaluating my reading, Battle of the sexes
  8. Discussion: Book Recommendations Series Part 1
  9. Discussion: Book Recommendations Series Part 2
  10. Discussion: Book Recommendations Series Part 3
  11. Discussion: Book Recommendations Series Part 4
  12. Challenges: The final countdown….
  13. Challenges: TBR Pile Challenge 2016
  14. Challenges: Foodies Read 2016
  15. Challenges: Backlist Love
  16. Challenges: Women’s Classic Literature Event
  17. Challenges: The Movie Musical Challenge
  18. Book Review: The Invention of Science by David Wootton
  19. Genealogy: Ancestor spotlight, Thompson great-grandparents
  20. Genealogy: Ancestor spotlight, Thompson g-great-grandparents
  21. Genealogy: Ancestor spotlight, Thompson g-g-great-grandparents
  22. Genealogy: Ancestor spotlight, Taschwer g-great grandparents
  23. Genealogy: Ancestor spotlight, Mitchell great-grandparents