Wheel of Time Re-Read-Along
Book 3 – The Dragon Reborn

March 19, 2017 Books, Read-Alongs 4

Oops! I apologize for posting this later in the month than usual — “real life” has distracted me a bit from reading/blogging as much as I’d like. Anyway, onwards and upwards!

Book 3 – The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn – the leader long prophesied who will save the world, but in the saving destroy it; the savior who will run mad and kill all those dearest to him – is on the run from his destiny.

Able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it, and with no one to teach him how – for no man has done it in three thousand years — Rand al’Thor knows only that he must face the Dark One. But how?

My Thoughts:

I have to admit that Rand REALLY got on my nerves in this book. I mean, on the one hand, I kind of understand why he went haring off alone… the poor guy was dealing with some really rough personal issues (to put it mildly) and he didn’t want to accidentally hurt someone else. BUT. Dude. The entire rest of the cast is either trying to find him or trying to help him in some way… maybe disappearing like a crazy person is not the best way to convince other people you aren’t crazy (yet), yeah?

Anyway, I actually quite liked getting POV chapters from not-Rand characters more than Rand’s POV. Perhaps my favorite scene in this book is Mat’s unexpected yet well-done defeat of the princes during their Warder fighting practice at Tar Valon. Oh Mat, that scamp — he’s starting to grow on me now that his annoying little thieved-treasure problem has been more or less resolved.

I hadn’t thought about it on previous reads through the series, but I noticed this time around that repentance/redemption seems to be a bit of a theme. Ingtar did his bit in the last book during the battle at Falme, and in this book it was the thief-catcher Juilin’s turn, and I vaguely remember a couple of other instances… don’t worry, no spoilers. I just think that these remorseful “sinners” are an interesting contrast to the Forsaken and the Black Ajah — some of the “bad guys” turn out to be good guys at heart, though of course some of the good guys might not be as good as we think they are!

  • Did anyone else pick up on that whole repentance/remorse thing, or am I reaching for some kind of meaning that isn’t really there?
  • Have your opinions of any of these characters started to change now that we’re a few books in?

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4 Responses to “Wheel of Time Re-Read-Along
Book 3 – The Dragon Reborn

  1. Warren

    First gripe : what a bloody ordinary cover. yes, I know, don’t judge a book ….. but if a book is going to be that thick and take up space, the least the illustrator could do is make the cover interesting – especially for a fantasy story – the last two were not wildly exciting scenes from the book, but they were interesting to look at more than once. High fantasy my Aunt Fanny, lets have some trollocs and Fades!
    And what’s with making Perrin look like a dwarf – he’s a blacksmith! and he wasn’t even in that scene.

    OK now that that’s off my chest, on with the story. I actually enjoyed this immensely particularly the long stretches with Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve. Although I wish I could cut that braid off before she pulls it out by the roots. I loved the whole Tar Valon/Aes Sedai world, and their adventures tracking the 13 Black Ajah could have been a series in itself.

    And yes I am starting to warm to Mat, especially as he heroically leaps to help while all the time trying to convince himself he doesn’t really care, or its the last time, etc.

    Rand who? I didnt miss Rand at all, and was evenly faintly annoyed when he enters at the end. Moraine was also a little lacking in this storyline – it must be hard to fit everyone in. And Falcon came across as a replacement for Min, but I’m sure she will gain more in the next book. Nice to see a love affair developing that is not doomed from the start.

    The whole remorseful last minute heroic sacrifice is pretty much a standard of fantasy, isn’t it. Again a bit Tolkienesque.

    I haven’t read past book 2 in the past, so I may be revealing my ignorance of things to come. Oh well, it was all I could do to not read on with book 4 straight away, but I don’t want to go faster or I will forget before I post my thoughts.

    • Louise

      Oh yes, I can’t stand the original covers for these books. Any of them. The proportions/perspectives are always off and the characters/scenery don’t match their in-text descriptions. The e-book covers are way less WTF.

      And yeah, the Aes Sedai storylines are some of the best in this series, along with (IMHO) some storylines that we get with the big culture shift in the next book….

  2. Captain

    I agree that Rand seemed a bit like a pouting child. But hey, we’re all waiting for him to go crazy. Maybe Bob was just teasing us. (Robert, may I call you Bob?)
    I too like the changes in Mat, but he still irritates me the most. Selfish dude that he seems to be.
    I see lots of religious themes….sacrifice in particular. I do love it when the “bad guys” get redeemed themselves. “Repentance” literally means “turning the other way”.
    I love all the different story lines, but sometimes find that when he returns to one, I’ve already forgotten where we left the characters. I wonder if he didn’t go, “Oh yeah, I haven’t talked about _________ lately. Let me throw in a chapter.”
    I’ve decided that Perrin is my favorite of the boys right now. I so feel his struggles and him seems the most noble right now. And I loved his comment about scissors. (Referring to the 3 of them I think, and being just a “side-kick” addition.) He correctly states that the scissors are worthless without the pin in the center doing it’s part. Gooooo Perrin!

    • Louise

      Oh yes, I remember liking Perrin very much in the first few books. Mat took quite a bit longer to grow on my the first time I read through the series.

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