Women in Science History Event 2017

March 3, 2017 Books 2

I’m excited to sign up for Doing Dewey’s Women in Science History reading event this month!

Here are the details; head over to Doing Dewey (link above) for more info or to sign up:

All you have to do to join in, is link-up one review of a book about a female scientist. You can read nonfiction or historical fiction for the challenge as long as the book you pick features a non-fictional female scientist. I’ll post a link-up for your reviews every Friday and my goal is to also post a book review each week as well. If you want to join in, check out my suggested reads[…]

I just borrowed the audiobook of Hidden Figures from the library to listen to during my commute, and I also got a copy of Lab Girl for this past Christmas so maybe I’ll be able to squeeze that one is as well. (No promises — this is going to be a busy month.)

Last year I read Jane Goodall’s book In the Shadow of Man for this event; check out my review here.

Will you be participating — and if so, what do you plan to read?

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