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February 10, 2017 Found Memories, Home Sweet Home 6

“Found Memories” is a series of little vignettes featuring a few of our favorite things and the memories associated with them.

Did you collect anything when you were a kid? Like toys that you didn’t play rough with (or play with at all), comics that you kept in special sleeves to preserve them, paper-dolls you couldn’t bring yourself to cut up, that kind of thing?

For me, it was model horses. Breyers horses, specifically. I mean, I had other toy horses, the kinds that had brushable hair or posable legs or cute little accessories. Those were quite fun to play with. But these that I’m talking about today were “models” rather than toys.

They were a little pricey and harder to come by in my hometown, but I was smitten. They were all so detailed and lovely! Every one came with some little story or certificate or something — in fact, I remember that one of them actually came with a VHS tape featuring the pony that it was modeled after. The ones pictured here are a fraction of the ones that I collected over the years.

I was one of those girls that was rather horse-mad for a while, though I never did riding lessons or anything, just occasional trail rides on vacation. And now I still have some souvenirs from that little phase.

So — talk to me. I can’t be the only weirdo kid that collected stuff like this!

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  1. Jenni Elyse

    My sister collects these. She has a ton of them. I didn’t really collected “toys,” but I did collect Hard Rock Cafe cups. Any time my parents and I went to a city with a HRC, I’d buy a cup. I have over 20 of them. I don’t have a place to display them right now, but I’d like to display them when I can.

  2. Margaret Walk

    I had a friend who had a million of these horses and I was always super jealous, but… I would have played with them if I’d had any. I played with anything. I did have a bunch of the miniature Breyer horses (I liked small stuff better and nearly always had at least a few miniature animals in my pockets at any given time… I remember I used to build a landscape for them out of my coat in the church pew on Sundays and play with them there), but most of them had scratched off paint from me playing with them in the bathtub.

    I guess the only thing I ever really collected (and didn’t play with) was unicorn figurines, although even with those I had a few I played with anyway if they were sturdy enough. I still have most of those!

  3. Jenna @ Falling Letters

    Interesting! They are pretty figures. I collected rocks and Hot Wheels, but I played with them. I did have this little jewelery box that I would hide little odd objects in (eraser stubs, tiny toys, feathers, etc.) and never talk about or show to anyone. But I still played with it, haha.

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