C is for … Cello

February 4, 2017 Just for Fun, Narcissism 4

I’m doing a kind of “A-to-Z Selfie” project for 2017. This involves writing blog posts of a personal nature. If you’re interested in the topic, please feel free to chime in! If not, you’ll be happy to know that more bookish content will be published soon.

Well, as the title of this post is intended to suggest, I used to play cello.

My dad’s side of the family is mostly musical and my mom’s side is mostly… well, not. I seem to have inherited a mix of genes when it comes to musicality. I can’t sing worth a damn and am quite probably tone-deaf, but I’ve got a good sense of rhythm and emotive dynamics.

I think this is why the cello was a good choice for me — tuning and note-marking are accomplished before playing rather than during, and the lower registers usually set the beat/tempo, but the cello also tends to get more interesting parts than the double bass.

Well, here’s middle school me and my buddy Brownie the cello.

I miss playing cello. I was never going to be first chair in the varsity orchestra, but it was fun and I was decently good at it when I bothered to practice.

Did you play an instrument in band or orchestra at school? Or do you still play?

4 Responses to “C is for … Cello”

  1. Jenni Elyse

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted to play a strings instrument (besides the piano), but I’m not coordinated enough.

    I did play the oboe for a year in middle school. I loved it and I wish I would’ve kept up with it, but because I moved around so much, I was a year behind and I didn’t like that.

    • Louise

      Ah, too bad about missing out on the oboe. But I can’t blame you for not wanting to be behind everyone else in your age group!

  2. Margaret Walk

    I played viola for two years in junior high but quit when it was clear I would always be tone deaf (I never even learned to tune my own instrument). It was a lot of fun, and I miss it, even if my playing was always off-key (or so I’m told!).

    My grandad played bass in a big band for a long time, but of course that’s a bit different (I’m not even sure he owned a bow!). He had an assortment of other musical instruments too, and I inherited his accordion and would love to learn how to play that, though. Someday…

    • Louise

      Ah, you weirdo viola players and your weirdo alto clef, haha. I never really learned to tune my cello, either — I usually relied on my stand partner to set me straight (hence, never going on to varsity or playing after high school).

      The accordion would be SUCH a cool instrument to learn to play! I love watching the accordion player in the band when we go to Ren Fest or the Biergarten down the street.

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