A peek in my bag

February 19, 2017 Home Sweet Home 10

I’ve always loved these “guess what’s in my purse???” kinds of posts, regardless of blog genre. Doesn’t matter if you write about books, cooking, knitting, perfume, underwater basket weaving, whatever — I’m dying to see the random junk that you carry around with you all day. And, since turnabout is fair play, I’m going to subject you to a quick list of the junk that I carry around all day.

Yeah… believe it or not, this is AFTER having cleaned it out a couple of days ago.

The essentials:

  • Billfold. Duh.
  • Bullet journal. Howgarts-themed, natch.
  • Work ID.
  • Pens.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Keys, incl. most of my library cards.
  • Book du jour. Don’t argue with me, this is an essential.
  • Not pictured, because I was using it to take this photo: mi teléfono.

Other stuff:

  • Gum. I like delicious smelly foods, but prefer not to subject other people to the aftermath.
  • Tire pressure gauge. I don’t trust the ones on the actual air pumps, and also I’m a worrywart who always thinks my tires “look a little low”….
  • Little packet of tissues, because allergies.
  • Hand lotion.
  • Perfume rollerball. Also occasionally a little sample spray bottle or something.
  • Random gift cards that I keep forgetting to use (in the striped pouch).
  • Blotting papers.
  • Mini makeup mirror.
  • Misc. makeup — blush, highlighter, lip balm, and lipstick, currently.
  • Old-school iPod Shuffle. I have an Android phone but almost all my music is in iTunes, and I’m too lazy to figure out how to make them talk to each other properly.

So, how about you? Anything fun in your bag these days?

10 Responses to “A peek in my bag”

  1. Jenni Elyse

    I agree with you about the book du jour. It. Is. Essential. My purse contents are as follows:

    -Book du jour
    -Bullet journal
    -Pen case (for bullet journal)
    -Epi pen (for my husband)
    -iPhone power cord
    -Kindle power cord
    -Peppermint oil
    -Past Tense essential oil
    -Random medication (colds, headaches, etc.)
    -5 types of chapstick
    -1 thing of lip gloss
    -1 thing of lipstick
    -Camera tripod
    -Hand sanitizer

    • Louise

      Hand sanitizer! I’ve apparently lost mine, yikes. Also, 5 types of chapstick is not in the least unreasonable, I just tend to keep them scattered around the house/office instead of in a bag.

  2. Manasa Kannan

    Honestly, this looks so aesthetic, don’t argue with me on that 😀
    Which book do you use for book du jour? Also, that hogwarts themed book looks fabulous!

    • Louise

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve been working my way through the Wheel of Time series again, so those paperbacks will be my tag-alongs for a while.

  3. Laurie

    “Tire pressure gauge”

    haha, I love my pressure gauge, but I keep mine in my car’s console, not in my purse.

    I have very little in my purse, because I also tote around a bag with my computer, notebooks, bujo, pens and such, when I go out.

    • Louise

      Ah yes, if you’ve got to tote around a computer and other academic/office stuff, there’s no point in adding an overstuffed purse to your daily burden!

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Hahahaha, this is such a great post. I have an enormous purse with a ridiculous amount of things in it — I mentioned to a friend recently that I used to carry around cinnamon and sugar packets, and he was like “this doesn’t surprise me at all.” My big crowd-pleaser is that my purse always contains a ziploc bag of plastic wedges, which can be placed under wobbly restaurant tables. :p

  5. Margaret Walk

    The bag post! My favorite genre of blog post. I love seeing what other people are carrying (I also love actually rifling through people’s purses but most people are not into that so I keep my curious paws to myself). I think what a person carries in their bag says a lot about them.

    In addition to my “everyday carry” I also have a tendency to put things in my bag temporarily and forget, like the tape measure and furniture slides I carried around for a week and a half before finally deciding my bag was a bit too heavy.

    My favorite bag is developing some rather alarming holes around where the strap attaches, but it’s such a versatile bag I don’t know what I’m going to do!

    • Louise

      Ah, a bag in need of repair is a sad thing indeed! The purse in this photo is actually my substitute purse, the other being a nice leather satchel that needs a little trip to the leather doctor before it is safe to carry around again.

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