Wine Reviews for December ’16

January 6, 2017 Home Sweet Home, In the Kitchen, Just for Fun, Wine 2

Of course I had to pick up something bubbly for the holidays. Good Champagne is way out of budget for us right now, so I grabbed a bottle of Prosecco to try!

A little bubbly for a rainy New Year's Eve ✨✨✨

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Dellatorri Prosecco DOC Brut

Italy, 2015

Very pale in color, and nicely bubbly (but not super bubbly). Not as rich as I like my wines to be, but not too sweet either — the husband liked it well enough, and he’s normally a beer drinker, so I think this wine could be described as non-oenophile-friendly. I got kind of a floral, lightly fruity (pear?) taste but otherwise couldn’t distinguish major flavors. It almost reminds me of one of those perfumes that strives to be popular yet unobtrusive, with a quite mix of undefined yet generally pleasing floral/fruit notes.

We ordered pizza and that totally overwhelmed the wine, so I’d say it’s probably better to drink this alone or with simpler snacks like dark chocolate or not-too-sharp cheese or herby crackers.

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  1. Toady

    What a great idea! We are wine drinkers here, and while we have our usuals, we regularly try something new. We recently tried Three Thieves Cabernet Sauvignon and liked it very much. We went back to get more but they were out, so we decided to try 19 Crimes, just because it the name was similar, which made it funny. It was horrid.

    • Louise

      Ack, what a disappointment, having a gross wine follow a nice one. I’ll have to see if I can get a bottle of the Three Thieves to try — thanks for the recommendation!

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