Found Memories | An Armadillo Quilt

January 23, 2017 Found Memories, Home Sweet Home 7

“Found Memories” is a series of little vignettes featuring a few of our favorite things and the memories associated with them.

Armadillo Quilt

I wanted to start off this series with something impressive and unique, so of course I had to show you my beloved armadillo quilt!

This quilt was made by one of my mother’s oldest friends, who is a nurse and a loving parent/grandparent as well as a talented quilter. She and my mother used to take me and her own daughter on a yearly shopping trip to the outlets to stock up on clothes and school supplies at the end of the summer. It was both fun and a kind of endurance test!

One year, on a late drive back home, we saw an armadillo in the road… and promptly ran over it. I’d never seen a (temporarily) live one before, and told them so — and so, the armadillo became a long-standing kind of theme for our little group. Hence, the armadillo print!

This quilt was gifted to me for my high school graduation. I’m so impressed that she managed to even find a rainbow armadillo fabric, on top of being impressed at the lovely pattern on the front and the high quality of the stitching. It was made with love and care and good humor, and I’m extremely proud to have it!

Do you have a favorite quilt or a blanket that was made just for you?

7 Responses to “Found Memories | An Armadillo Quilt”

  1. Margaret Walk

    This is so cute! Kind of a morbid origin story but armadillos, what are you gonna do… they’re not very smart.

    You know a lot of love had to go into hand making an entire quilt! It’s so great to have such a tactile keepsake from a family friend.

  2. Mom

    The funniest part of Louise’s story was in the moment after the unfortunate armadillo met his end. There in the dark, from the back of the SUV, came a quiet voice: “I’ve never seen a LIVE one before…” spoken with sad regret. (The side of West Texas highways are known for interesting things…)
    As an interesting side note. The said maker of the quilt is from the same hometown as Jenny Lawson…who would completely understand why the armadillo had to be immortalized.

  3. Undina

    It’s a good story (and it got even better with the addition from Mom).

    I had a down comforter made for me by my grandma when I was a child (if you want, you can read a couple of paragraphs in the beginning of this perfume-related post, in which I share memories about it).

  4. Jenni Elyse

    I <3 armadillos. My dad is from Austin and he had pet ones has a child. I've always wanted to see one up close. My mom was also a quilter and loved her quilts. This quilt of yours reminds me of her because it's something she would've made and she also loved armadillos. 🙂

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