B is for … The Boys

January 28, 2017 Just for Fun, Narcissism 4

I’m doing a kind of “A-to-Z Selfie” project for 2017. This involves writing blog posts of a personal nature. If you’re interested in the topic, please feel free to chime in! If not, you’ll be happy to know that more bookish content will be published soon.

It’s no secret that I’m a cat person. Also, a dog person. Yes, both, both is good.

The spouse and I currently live to serve 2 young cats and 1 middle-aged dog.

Sneakers is a 10ish-year-old, possibly-Chiweenie. We adopted him from the animal shelter in my hometown after one of our previous cats died unexpectedly. We had gone to the shelter to look for another cat, but decided to walk through the dog kennels first just for the heck of it. Sneakers was the in the first cage in the first row, right by the entrance. And, because we’re huge suckers, we fell for his big puppy eyes right away. (There were also some ducks in there for some reason, so … at least we didn’t try to bring those home?)

He’s grown into a loyal, cuddly, kinda silly little dude. He’s been a pretty good “big brother” to the other 4-legged boys. He has sensitive skin and a slightly sensitive tummy and is missing a few teeth, but otherwise has been pretty healthy. And he takes his job as Head of Homeland Security very seriously.

Bentley is our little gray tabby boy. He has long legs that he doesn’t seem to be 100% in control of, but he’s also an accomplished bug hunter and a “singer” when he’s hungry or worried. (I imagine he could be part Siamese or similar because of his short, silky coat and his talkativeness.) He’s also the smartest of our trio, being the one who always figures out how to take apart the toys or knows how to be sneaky when breaking rules.

Oliver might not be quite as clever as his less-floofy brother, but he is a champion cuddler. He’s also very curious and doesn’t seem to have any sense of fear (or worry about being caught breaking rules). He also has a sensitive tummy — which seems to be a bit of a theme in our family, count me in — but is otherwise literally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pretty much all the time. Oliver likes thieving things (pens, mail, anything a human is trying to use but has put down for a moment), chasing The Dot, and “nursing” on his blankie.

Bentley and Oliver came to us from a local animal shelter that was having a cat clearance sale and had an ongoing BOGO deal for littermates. These poor guys had already been adopted and had to be returned to the shelter because their previous owner couldn’t keep them. So, these little “discount cats” came home with us instead.

You can read a bit more about my nice little family (incl. the spouse) on the Cast of Characters page. Want more pet pictures? Follow me on Instagram.

Do you have any animals? Would you consider yourself more of a cat person, a dog person, or both?

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  1. Undina

    Even though a big part of my childhood we had family dogs, I’m definitely a cat person with a soft spot for orange cats. My cat Rusty – an orange tabby who looks very much like your Oliver – came also from a shelter though he wasn’t on any discount (and 10 minutes after we decided to adopt him, while we were filling in papers, somebody came in inquiring if they had any more kittens like him). He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but he got much smarter in those 7 years he spent with us – but we would love him anyway: he’s cuddly, talkative, very social and curious.

    I enjoyed reading about all three of your boys and wish them to stay healthy for many-many-many years.

    • Louise

      Yes, I love looking at / hearing about other folks’ fluffy orange felines — somehow they all seem to have similar personalities (not really geniuses in general, but social and sweet and fun — like the class clowns of the cat world).

      Also, thanks for the sweet wishes. 🙂

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