Wine Reviews for November ’16

December 3, 2016 Home Sweet Home, In the Kitchen, Just for Fun, Wine 2

I tried a couple of reds from Chile this month. I didn’t bother to take notes on the Cabernet, but the Carménère was a little something different! I’d never heard of this variety before, but apparently it was an accidental transplant to Chile from France — a lucky accident that saved the variety from disaster, as it turns out. (Read more about it at Wine Folly.)

Hellooo holiday weekend ????

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Casillero del Diablo Carménère Reserva

Chile, 2015

The color is a deep bluish red, very opaque and viscous (“sticky”). It smells like herby/spicy yet juicy red berries, followed by a faint whiff of… chocolate? Something kinda bitter-sweet. It looks and smells delicious.

Taste-wise, it starts out with a tart but mild strawberry flavor, followed by a fresh herby sort of quality (though I’m unable to discern which herbs…) and a little bit of acidic “bite” at the end. It seemed simultaneously spicier + sweeter with the dinner I served alongside it — portabella mushroom-stuffed ravioli and sundried tomatoes in a pesto sauce.

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  1. Aylee

    You so fancy! I know next to nothing about wine (except for maybe what I learned from watching Frasier? lol). But I do like your description of this one and I could see myself liking it.

    • Louise

      Haha, I don’t know about fancy, all my wine comes from the mid-price eye-level shelves at the grocery store. But Wine Folly has been a great resource for learning more about it and helping me expand my wine horizons.

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