Sign Up for the Wheel of Time Re-Read-Along!

December 4, 2016 Books 8

As I mentioned last month, I intend to re-read Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy ‘Wheel of Time’ series starting this coming January. This is your official invitation to join me!

Please note: You do not have to have read the series previously to participate in this read-along. I’m only calling it a “Re-Read-Along” because it’s a re-read for me and I’m self-absorbed like that.

I’ll be reading at a pace of 1 book per month. The series includes 14 books + a prequel. But hey, I am a firm believer in the “you do you” school of book blogging. If you want to read faster or slower than that, it’s totally up to you. This read-along is really all about fostering discussion/camaraderie/mutual misery enjoyment.

You can see my official read-along page with the schedule and brief summaries of each book here:


How can you participate? It’s really up to you! Personally, I will be posting a brief review + discussion topic each month after reading a book in the series. You can join in the discussion in the comments on my blog, post about the book on your own blog, share your thoughts on the Lone Star on a Lark Facebook page, @ me on Twitter, scream into the void, whatever.

But that is a lot of books, what if I do not have the money/space for all this? First of all, go to your damn library. Secondly, all of the WoT books are available as ebooks (both EPUB and Kindle formats), which happen to be DRM-free because the publisher Tor is cool like that.

Want to be included in that participants list? Please leave a comment on this post with a link to (a) your own blog page where you will track your reading, (b) your blog tag or category for read-along posts, or (c) a Goodreads shelf or LibraryThing collection/tag or similar.

(Please do not add links for individual book review posts. This is meant to be an “umbrella” link that can be included on the official read-along page.)

Not tracking your reading online? That’s totally fine, too — just comment with the name/alias you’d like to be known as on the participants list instead.

8 Responses to “Sign Up for the Wheel of Time Re-Read-Along!”

  1. Rachel

    Good luck with your readalong. Like I said before, I wish I could join. But the books are way too long and would annihilate any chance of spontaneity next year because of my own challenges. But I’m still going to try to fit in the Oz books.

    • Louise

      Thank you! It’s true, the WoT books are kinda hefty. And your reading plans for next year are already pretty hefty on their own!

  2. The Captain

    I confess…I’ve only read solo before. I don’t know if I can share in such a personal activity. But I’m willing to try. I’m a virgin to the series too. (Gasp!) And I am excited about attempting this. And yes…my public library is my best friend. Disappoint I hope they will not.

    • Louise

      One of the fun things about online read-alongs is that they’re kinda like a mix between book club style discussion & solo reading — a shared experience, but you aren’t obligated to put on pants and go someplace, haha!

  3. Warren

    Thanks Louise. I have the first four books taking up too much space on my TBR shelf, and the rest are in print and audio at my local library, so this should be a good opportunity for me.

    • Louise

      Thank YOU for signing up to read along with us. These books do take up quite a lot of shelf space, don’t they?

  4. Kelsay

    I’m excited to start this one! I’ve read the series a few times before, but it’s been a while and it’s one of my favorites. I’ll be posting on my blog: under the category “Wheel of Time Challenge.” Thanks for hosting this! I’ve never done a read along before (and I confess, I’m changing it up a tad and started with the prequel), but I’m looking forward to having people to discuss it. (I tried to have my husband read them, but he wasn’t as into them as I am.)

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