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December 10, 2016 Backlist Love, Books 4

Backlist Love is an informal series on “older” books that I hope you’ll find interesting. These aren’t so much reviews as quickie recommendations, so check out Goodreads or your favorite book review sources if you want more info.

The Sinatra Treasures: Intimate Photos, Mementos, and Music from the Sinatra Family Collection by Charles Pignone, Quincy Jones, and the Frank Sinatra Estate (Bullfinch, 2004)

Sinatra by Richard Havers (DK, 2004)

The Sinatra Treasures

The first-ever collection from the archives of the legendary Chairman of the Board, filled with never-before-seen photos, letters, mementos, and more.

What is a legend? A legend is a man who, more than 65 years after stepping on stage for the first time, is still larger than life. A man who changed the way we wear our hats. A man possessed not of a voice, but The Voice. Frank Sinatra is a legend.


From poverty to power, Hoboken to Hollywood, this story is the embodiment of the American Dream. For over 50 years Frank Sinatra was at the epicenter of American life – on the radio, in the movie theaters, on TV, and in newspapers and magazines. Includes over 800 photographs, some rare and unseen, capture each moment of the legend’s seven-decade career.

Why I liked them

I have a little weakness for 1940’s music in general, and Frankie in particular. (And Bing of course, but right now we’re talking about Frankie.) That man had a VOICE, right? I was going through kind of a Frankie phase when I met my now-husband in high school — yes, a Society of the Serpent teenager having a crush on a dude that was born like 20 years before her own grandfathers is totally normal* — and he actually bought these for me. So, I’m sort of doubly attached to them, both for the content and for the sweetheart gift status.

But that means nothing to y’all, I know, so let’s talk about the books themselves. They’re both pretty hefty and packed with images, rather more like coffee table books than like regular biographies. The Sinatra Treasures book in particular is great because it comes with a CD with some random recordings of Frankie doing radio talk shows and that sort of thing, which I realize might not sound that appealing to most people who only hear Frankie incidentally at the mall during the holiday season, but for a fan it’s pretty interesting.

*OK, maybe not, but a girl can’t help the way she feels and don’t you judge me.

Who I’d recommend them to

Frank Sinatra fans, obviously. Or fans of 1940’s music/culture in general. I know that’s probably not a huge subset of my particular blog’s peanut gallery, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Frankie lately what with all the Christmas music floating around on the airwaves right now, so this seemed like as good a time as any to talk about these books.


The Sinatra Treasures



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  1. Toady

    I like that era of music as well, but my husband is the Sinatra fan in our house and I bet he would really like this.

    • Louise

      Haha, I’m sure your children will be telling their therapists years from now, “And when she drove us somewhere, she put on ’40’s music just to torture us!”

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