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November 11, 2016 Books 17

Howdy there, friends.

Wheel of Time Re-Read-Along

The other day I got a bee in my bonnet about re-reading a favorite series of mine, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (+ Brandon Sanderson, sort of). Waaaaay back when I first started blogging more about books, I wrote a little bit about the last book in the series, A Memory of Light. And I’ve re-read the first few books at least once since then, though I always get distracted by some new shiny before finishing all 15 books (counting the prequel). But what I REALLY want to do is a full-on re-read, à la Leigh Butler’s Reread & Reread Redux at … though maybe not quite that detailed, because hahaha no.

Wizard of Oz Read-Along

Then I had ANOTHER bee in my bonnet (a veritable beehive in there, as it turns out) about reading a nice long series that I’d never read before. (I’m a sucker for ridiculously long books/series, OK?!) But it couldn’t be another epic fantasy, because — again — hahaha NO. Well, my mother just happened to get a nice hardcover compilation of several Oz stories for me last Christmas, and I’d only ever read the 1st one in the series, and they’re kids’ books so they can’t be that intimidating, right? So… yeah. That’s how this second read-along happened!

Join me?

I’m starting these (re-)read-alongs in January and doing 1 book a month. That means that these projects will last a little over a year each. I know that sounds like a long time, but I also want these books to be FUN for you, not an obligation that you regret signing up for or that you feel guilty about not doing because it turns out you just don’t have the time. One a month seems like a nice relaxed pace to me.


Oliver is joining! You should join, too. You don’t want to hurt his feelings, do you?


WoT schedule:

  • Jan 2017 – Book 1
  • Feb 2017 – Book 2
  • Mar 2017 – Book 3
  • Apr 2017 – Book 4
  • May 2017 – Book 5
  • Jun 2017 – Book 6
  • Jul 2017 – Book 7
  • Aug 2017 – Book 8
  • Sep 2017 – Book 9
  • Oct 2017 – Book 10
  • Nov 2017 – Book 11
  • Dec 2017 – Prequel
  • Jan 2018 – Book 12
  • Feb 2018 – Book 13
  • Mar 2018 – Book 14

The prequel isn’t just randomly inserted at December 2017; the 11th book was the last one written by the original author, Robert Jordan, and the last few books were done by Brandon Sanderson. So that seemed like a logical place to read it!

Oz schedule:

  • Jan 2017 – Book 1
  • Feb 2017 – Book 2
  • Mar 2017 – Book 3
  • Apr 2017 – Book 4
  • May 2017 – Book 5
  • Jun 2017 – Book 6
  • Jul 2017 – Book 7
  • Aug 2017 – Book 8
  • Sep 2017 – Book 9
  • Oct 2017 – Book 10
  • Nov 2017 – Book 11
  • Dec 2017 – Book 11
  • Jan 2018 – Book 13
  • Feb 2018 – Book 14

Yeah, I know there are actually more books in the series, but L. Frank Baum only (haha, “only”) wrote the first 14 of them.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Sooo… whadya think? Anyone out there interested in joining me for either/both of these little reading projects? Remember, you have until January to decide! I’ll post more info about these projects as we get closer to the start date.

17 Responses to “Read along with me!”

  1. Toady

    I only just added The Wheel of Time series to my TBR. I would love to read along, and I will give it a go. I see that they are quite chunky books, so I hope that I can keep up.

    • Louise

      Awesome! Yeah, they are chunksters, but most of them are pretty easy reads (except for a couple that are a slog in the middle). And even if you’re not sure if you can go along with the monthly schedule, don’t worry too much about it — this is a super casual thing.

      • Toady

        It’s good to know that they are both easy enough reads. I figured that the Oz books would be, but I have never read any excerpts for TWOT, and wasn’t sure what the original intended target audience is. I would like to keep up with the schedule though.

      • Risa

        I began this series over ten years ago with a lot of excitement. But I think I got caught bang in the middle of one of the slow books you mention….either book 7 or 8, and I lost complete interest after that. :-/ My BFF persevered though, and loved it.

        • Louise

          You should definitely join us! I think it’s easier to power through the slow middle bits when you’ve got other readers to commiserate with.

    • Louise

      Awesome! All of Baum’s Oz books are in the public domain now, so you should be able to find them for cheap-to-free as we go along. I should probably add that info to the inaugural read-along post!

      • Darlene

        That’s good to know. I didn’t realize that. I have the first three books, and then that’s it. I actually had no idea that the series was that long!

  2. Rachel

    I found this challenge over on Toady’s site. I’ve got a heavy reading load next year – my own beehive going on – but I would so, so, so love to join you for both of these. However, I know the Wheel of Time books are too long. Oz is short, though, and I might be able to read them pretty easily. We’ll see. I’ll join in, and if I get overwhelmed, then I’ll have to stop or catch up later with no guilt, right?

    • Louise

      Fantastic! You’re right, the WoT books are chunksters — the Oz ones are definitely more manageable with a busy schedule.

    • Louise

      I heard from another reader that she might just follow along with the summaries/reviews until we get to the book she left off at. Perhaps later next year you’ll feel like it is the right time to pick up the series again. But if not, that’s obviously OK too — do what feels right to you!


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