Jean Rhys Reading Week

September 11, 2016 Books 4

I’m participating in Jean Rhys Read Week, an event / semi-mini-challenge(?) co-hosted by the Lonesome Reader, JacquiWine, Poppy Peacock, and Margaret Reardon.


I only picked out one book to read this week: Wide Sargasso Sea. Hey, it’s already on my Classics Club list!

A couple of readers I trust think it’s an awesome book… and it isn’t too intimidating. I’ve been in kind of a reading slump lately, so I’m hoping that this will be the book that rekindles my interest.

I’ll probably be mostly participating on Twitter and/or Goodreads, but I’ll post a book review here at the blog by the end of the week as well.

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  1. Chris Wolak

    I’m reading Wide Sargasso Sea now and go sucked right in. Hope it grabs you, too. I’ve not read anything by Rhys and will also try to read Good Morning, Midnight.

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