Welcome to the New Digs

May 31, 2016 Meta 2

If all went well during the little switchover, you should now be seeing my new site! (Or at least seeing this post on it, if you’re following via RSS, if I did the feed update correctly, haha.)

Please feel free to poke around. Many pages are the same as they ever were, but some have been updated. I’ve tried my best to redirect old links as needed, but you might still hit that 404 page if you find one that I missed.

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– – –

Comments on old posts were not ported over properly, and I’m working on replacing them. Your previous comments are not lost forever, I promise.

You may notice that some old posts are missing. Sorry about that. I took this opportunity to restructure some stuff, which took a lot of time and finagling and I’m sure lost a couple of things here and there.

– – –

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