Blog Ahead Challenge 2015 Wrap-Up

November 1, 2015 Meta 0

Blog Ahead Challenge

Well, October is officially over. And so is this year’s Blog Ahead Challenge! How’d I do?

I “only” got 23 blog posts written and scheduled. Putting “only” in sarcasm quotes because that’s actually about 23 more posts than I actually would have written if I wasn’t trying to meet the challenge goal.

I wrote 1 book review, 6 challenge-related posts, 6 posts for discussion series, 5 posts for non-series discussions, and 5 family history essays.

You know, I’ll never be one of those bloggers who can churn out interesting daily posts (or even boring daily posts, or even just more than one post a week). But I’ve learned that if I can find the time to just sit down and brainstorm/write, I could probably publish here more often than I have been over the past few years.

Visit my Blog Ahead Challenge tracking page for more details.

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