30 by 30 Project

March 22, 2014 Just for Fun 0

I started this blog a little over 3 years ago, on my 24th birthday, with a 25 by 25 Project.

My last birthday came and went with very little fanfare, but I tend to see my birthday as a “new year” marker — instead of evaluating successes and failures of the previous year or thinking of improvements and adventures for the coming year on January 1st, I tend to get all goal-oriented on the 1st day of spring (that’s right, I have an AWESOME birthday).

The 25 by 25 list wasn’t a completely failed experiment. No, I didn’t achieve all of those goals, but I did manage some of them and I did work towards others and, overall, I think it was a good way to guide my actions for the year.

Now, though, I’m thinking about the next few years of my life (and this blog)… which brings me to my new 30 by 30 Project. In another 3 years I’ll hit the big three-oh, and there’s plenty of stuff I want to accomplish during that time.

  1. Read at least 250 books
  2. Read at least 20 new-to-me classic books
  3. Participate in SpoT High 2014-2017
  4. Write at least 40 book reviews
  5. Write at least 100k words for my multi-year NaNoWriMo project
  6. Finish cataloging our home library
  7. Research my family tree
  8. Build a genealogy website to share with my family
  9. Organize + digitize all of our personal photos
  10. Organize and back up my hard drives
  11. Have a movie marathon
  12. Visit a vineyard or attend a wine festival
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Go to a geekish con or fest — bonus points for cosplay
  15. Leave the state for a vacation
  16. Spend a day at a spa
  17. Have a party at our place
  18. Write a fan letter
  19. Give up video games for good
  20. Lose weight — ideally, about 50 pounds
  21. Go a month without fast food or delivery
  22. Visit a dentist
  23. Stitch at least 10 wearable/usable things for myself
  24. Sketch or paint at least 10 things
  25. Craft at least 5 gifts for other people or pets
  26. Cook, really cook, at least once per week
  27. Cook my way through a cookbook or food blog
  28. Start a custom recipe book
  29. Vote at least once
  30. Buy a house

Some of these goals are repeats from the previous list, and that’s OK. Those are still things I want to do, after all. Some things involve long-term commitments or new habits, so it will take a while for me to feel comfortable counting those goals as accomplished. Some goals are a little silly or frivolous, but percentage-wise I think this list is a little more serious than the old list.

Maybe not every goal is attainable, but I think most of them are, and I’m certainly willing to try.

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