My First Skirt, Simplicity 1807

July 29, 2012 Home Sweet Home, Stitching 2

One of my personal goals has been to learn how to sew.

Well, 2 weeks ago I got to spend some time with a couple of sewing buddies. M. was kind enough to let me borrow her older machine (she has a fancy new one), and to help me along in my first foray into sewing.

I made a skirt! It is purple! With yellow ribbon! And a POCKET. I am super happy about the pocket. All skirts should have pockets. Everything should have pockets.

I don’t know what I want to make next. I’m tempted to try another skirt. Like, this same skirt but in a bunch of different colors. Or patterns? Fabrics? Or maybe I should try something more appropriate for fall?

Well, I don’t know when I’ll next get a chance to sew, anyway. So there’s plenty of time to decide. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

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  1. Glynne

    You could make the same skirt in a different weight of fabric – one for fall maybe. You may need to use a wider elastic, and a wide waistline casing if the fabric is heavier so that it sits nicely at the top.

    • Louise

      Thank you for your advice! I eventually tried making this skirt in lightweight denim and it was a huge pain but it turned out OK. Anyway, there used to be a photo on this post… I need to figure out what happened to it….

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