25 by 25 Year-End Review

March 18, 2012 Just for Fun 0

It’s been nearly a year since I started this blog.

And by this time next week I’ll have been on this Earth for 25 whole years.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long already. Wait, I’m actually an adult? Since when?!

So, how did I do with my 25 by 25 goals?

Well, the checked items are things I feel like I at least kinda-sorta succeeded at or completed. X’d items are total failures. Mostly, these are what you might call qualified or partial successes. And I’ve graded myself, like a good little self-despising grad student.

  1. Set up exercise, housework, blogging, hobby, and study schedules — and stick to them!
    ✓ Grade: B

    I’ve done OK on the schedules. There’ve been a few days… fine, weeks… when I’ve just given up on doing exactly what the calendar tells me to do, but for the most part I’ve done OK. It has actually been really useful for setting up study times, social plans, and exercise classes.

  2. Read 75 books.
    ✓ Grade: A
  3. Write in my journal at least 3 times per month.
    ✓ Grade: C
  4. Find a full-time job or a second part-time job or an equivalent income-earning activity.
    ✓ Grade: B

    I do have a full-time job now. Same job I was doing this time last year, but for 40+ hours a week. Actually almost every week I’m doing overtime, which is great for the paycheck but hard on my schedule. But… it isn’t what I what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be an actual librarian (or archivist, or curator, or… you get the idea) and circ clerk work isn’t going to cut it. Plus the Mr. has put his own job search on hold for the next few months while I finish up my degree. I guess I can mark this goal as accomplished, but not spectacularly so.

  5. Refresh my French.
    ✓ Grade: C

    I did put some small amount of effort into improving upon my sadly atrophied French skillz. Not as much effort as I had in mind, and not enough to get me back up to par, though. This is something that I want to continue to work on over the following year.

  6. Fix up my garden.
    ✗ Grade: D

    The garden is… meh. Well, right now it really does look like utter crap. But Gary and I (well, mostly… almost entirely Gary) did fix it up a little bit over the summer. Some of the things that I planted back in 2010 when we first moved in have survived/thrived… plus we have all those surprise lemons. So overall this is barely a pass, and really that’s mostly thanks to my husband.

  7. Do something artsy/craftsy.
    ✗ Grade: F
  8. Get good enough at knitting to produce a sweater for the dog.
    ✗ Grade: F

    Total fail. I didn’t even get around to making another crooked scarf, yet alone figuring out how to produce a Sneakers-sized sweater. It’s been a warm winter anyway. Maybe next year?

  9. Take at least 5 “good” photos per week.
    ✓ Grade: B
  10. Organize digital and physical copies of photos; begin gathering photos from friends and family.
    ✓ Grade: C
  11. File/recycle all of this old paperwork that’s clogging up my desk drawers.
    ✓ Grade: A
  12. Convince the credit card companies to reduce my APR.
    ✗ Grade: F
  13. Organize the closets. Properly this time.
    ✗ Grade: D
  14. Try at least one new recipe per month.
    ✓ Grade: A

    Passed with flying colors on this one! I tried at least one new recipe every month — usually more than one, though I didn’t always keep track.

    • Hamburger Lentil & Bean Stew
    • Spätzle — a terrible failure, by the by
    • Banana Bread
    • Salted Chocolate Caramel Cookies
    • Bell Pepper Chicken + Rice
    • French Toast Casserole
    • Zucchini Bread
    • Shepherd’s Pot Pie
    • Lemon Cake Cookies
    • Pumpkin Spice Muffins
    • Whoopie Pies
    • (Not-a-Tequila) Sunrise
  15. Learn how to bake bread. Edible bread, I should say.
    ✗ Grade: F
  16. Lose those last 10 pounds (in a healthy way, of course) and maintain that weight.
    ✗ Grade: F
  17. Properly fix up this current computer or build a new one.
    ✓ Grade: A

    Big win. My new little beauty has been running like a dream since June.

  18. Donate to at least one charity.
    ✓ Grade: A
  19. Patronize small and/or local businesses often.
    ✗ Grade: D

    Not so much. We have been to a few local cafés, and I got a couple of gifts from crafters on Etsy, but beyond that… not so much. I would seriously LOVE to get back to a farmer’s market, but so far I haven’t found one that’s consistently available when I’m off work.

  20. Obtain a vintage (or well-made vintage repro) dress.
    ✓ Grade: A

    Well, it isn’t strictly vintage, but I did get myself a semi-vintage-style dress as an early birthday present (using Christmas gift cards, but still). It’s a bright coral color with a big bold print of black & white flowers (roses?) all over. It’s kind of a mid/late 20th century style — not over-the-top ‘50’s fem but not quite ‘60’s mod. The knee-length skirt’s loose enough to have a petticoat under, but the extra poof isn’t necessary. The low wide neckline and a couple of bits of boning in the bodice make for a very alluring décolletage.

  21. Figure out how to curl my hair so that it will stay curled for more than 5 minutes.
    ✓ Grade: B
  22. Learn how to wear liquid eyeliner and/or red lipstick.
    ✓ Grade: A
  23. Keep nails (fingers and toes) fixed up.
    ✓ Grade: C
  24. Go somewhere fun for a weekend.
    ✓ Grade: A
  25. Learn to be genuinely kind.
    ✓ Grade: C

    Am I a kinder person now? I don’t know. I mean, I have tried. And I have been called “kind” by others, which was a nice boost to the ol’ self-esteem. But I also feel like my customer service-esque job seriously saps my patience and has really lowered both my tolerance for idiocy and my level of hope for humanity as a whole. I guess this calls for a pass-ish grade?

Sooo… that’s like a C average. Story of my life.

Tune in next week for more naval gazing/pie-in-the-sky expectations!

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