25 by 25 Project Update

September 18, 2011 Just for Fun 0

It’s been nearly 6 months since the first post. I’m still working on those 25 goals that I want to accomplish by the time I turn 25, which will be just over 6 months from now. So, here’s a progress report…

  1. Set up exercise, housework, blogging, hobby, and study schedules — and stick to them!

    I’ve been waffling with the schedules. I mean, I was doing pretty well for a while there, but then school started kicking my butt this summer and I’ve basically been in an unscheduled, unproductive stupor since then. But I’m getting back on track — just fixed up my schedule for the next 2 weeks this morning.

  2. Read 75 books.

    Doing really well with this goal, actually! On track to have 75 books completed by the end of the year!

  3. Write in my journal at least 3 times per month.
  4. Find a full-time job or a second part-time job or an equivalent income-earning activity.

    Yeah, still working on it, but yeah, the economy is still crap, and yeah… not going so well. It’s really getting depressing. On the plus side, my spouse and I will both be getting lots of worthwhile experience while volunteering at the museum. But that’s, y’know, volunteering.

  5. Refresh my French.
  6. Fix up my garden.

    I do feel bad about this. Last year I planted a bunch of stuff but most of it was lost to either the freak freeze last winter or the freak drought this summer. There are a couple of bushes and a Canna that are still doing OK, plus the lemon tree in the back yard, but for the most part the garden is bare. And even then, my spouse had to be the one to dig out most of the dead detritus. Maybe since it’s starting to cool down a bit I’ll take a trip to the garden center soon for some hardier replacements.

  7. Do something artsy/craftsy.
  8. Get good enough at knitting to produce a sweater for the dog.
  9. Take at least 5 “good” photos per week.
  10. Organize digital and physical copies of photos; begin gathering photos from friends and family.

    This is an ongoing project because the photos just keep piling up, but it’s also a lot of fun to dig through them all. Pretty sure that by the end of the year my entire external hard drive will just be filled with photos.

  11. File/recycle all of this old paperwork that’s clogging up my desk drawers.
  12. Convince the credit card companies to reduce my APR.
  13. Organize the closets. Properly this time.
  14. Try at least one new recipe per month.

    Doing really well with this goal, actually!

  15. Learn how to bake bread. Edible bread, I should say.
  16. Lose those last 10 pounds (in a healthy way, of course) and maintain that weight.

    Ugh… in progress, still, but it shouldn’t be. Actually I gained a bit of weight over the summer. School stress, I guess. But I recently joined a gym with the idea that the guilt over the cost of membership will induce me to utilize it as often as possible to justify the monthly fee, and so far that’s actually working. Now I just have learn how to stay away from my precious, precious butter.

  17. Properly fix up this current computer or build a new one.

    Yes, the old one finally kicked the bucket. The new one is way more awesome than I strictly needed, but the old one was too when I first bought it and that thing lasted me 6 years (and might have lasted more if they still made parts for it). So hopefully my new baby will be blessed with the same sort of longevity.

  18. Donate to at least one charity.

    Giving a buck or more to the food bank almost every time we hit HEB. Bought a friend a present from an organization that donates all profits to charity. Donated canned goods for the victims of the recent nearby wildfires. It isn’t the same as writing out a 3-figure check, but we try to do a little bit of good in a world that badly needs it.

  19. Patronize small and/or local businesses often.
  20. Obtain a vintage (or well-made vintage repro) dress.
  21. Figure out how to curl my hair so that it will stay curled for more than 5 minutes.
  22. Learn how to wear liquid eyeliner and/or red lipstick.

    Red lipstick: check! It was scary at first, but I got lots of compliments. I’m not brave enough to wear that look all the time, though.

  23. Keep nails (fingers and toes) fixed up.

    Perhaps I ought to have defined “fixed up” for this goal. Are my nails painted perfectly all the time? Uh, no. They’re naked right now, in fact. But are they kept at a reasonable length, in reasonable shape, and in a reasonably clean state? Yup. Hooray for small victories!

  24. Go somewhere fun for a weekend.

    Our trip to Austin definitely counts as fun!

  25. Learn to be genuinely kind.

    I guess this isn’t something that can be objectively measured, is it? But still, I try. And I’m getting better. As an introvert in a customer service position, as someone who just doesn’t really like our human species all that much anyway, it can be really hard sometimes. But I do try.

So I’ve still got my work cut out for me. 9 goals still unattempted and 13 still in progress. Only 3 goals really and truly completed. That’s kind of pathetic for half a year’s worth of work, isn’t it? But going over it all again has renewed my dedication to the idea. I’m trying to be optimistic, hoping that it will all work out in the end.

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